Nokia 6165i - Getting Nokia Help

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Getting Nokia Help

If you need help with your 6165i phone, the Nokia Care
Contact Center is available for assistance. Before calling, we
recommend that you write down the following information
and have it available:

Electronic serial number (ESN).

Your zip code (only in the US).

The ESN is found on
the type label, which
is located beneath the
battery on the back
of the phone. See
“Removing the
Battery” on page 22.

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Section 1A: Setting Up Service


Setting U




Contact Nokia

Please have your product with you when contacting any of
these numbers:

Nokia Care Contact Center

Nokia Inc.

4630 Woodland Corporate Blvd.

Suite #160

Tampa, Florida 33614

Tel: 1-888-NOKIA-2U (1-888-665-4228)

Fax: 1-813-249-9619

Web site:

In Canada, call:

Tel: 1-888-22-NOKIA (1-888-226-6542)

Web site:

For TTY/TDD users:

Tel: 1-800-24-NOKIA (1-800-246-6542)

Accessibility Solutions

Nokia is committed to making mobile phones easy to use
for all individuals, including those with disabilities. For more
information, visit


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