Nokia 6165i - Enhancements

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Use the following approved enhancements with your
Nokia phone.


Use the following headsets with your phone:

HBD-4 Boom Headset

HS-5 Standard Headset

HS-9 CDMA 2.5 mm Headset

Car Kits

Use the following car kits with your phone:

BHF-3 Headrest Handsfree

BHF-4 CDMA Headrest Handsfree

HF-3 Easy-to-Use Handsfree

HF-6W Wireless Plug-in Car Handsfree

CK-10 Basic Car Kit

CK-1W Wireless Car Kit

CR-30 Mobile Holder

Chargers and Adapters

Use the following chargers and adapters with your phone:

DC-4 Mobile Charger

CA-44 Charger Adapter

Use the CA-44 charger adapter to connect the phone to Nokia
chargers with a larger barrel size.


See “Charger” on page 138 for standard accessories.

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Section 2L: Accessories & Enhancements

Connectivity, Memory, and Other

The following enhancements and applications are available
for use with your phone:

PC Suite Software

LPS-4 Loopset

CA-53 Connectivity Cable


See “Bluetooth Accessories” on page 136.

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Section 3