Nokia 6165i - Features of Your Phone

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Features of Your Phone

Congratulations on the purchase of your phone. The 6165i
phone by Nokia is lightweight, easy-to-use, and reliable, and
it also offers many significant features and service options.
The following list previews some of those features and provides
page numbers where you can find out more:

Dual-Band/Tri-Mode capability allows you to make and
receive calls while on the network available to you and to


Display indicators help you manage your roaming
charges by letting you know when you’re off the network
available to you and whether you’re operating in digital or
analog mode. (For more information, see “Controlling Your
Roaming Experience” on page 71.)

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Section 2A: Phone Basics


Phone Basics

roam on other analog networks and 1900 and 800 MHz
digital networks where roaming agreements have been
implemented (page 71).

Data services provide access to the wireless Internet in
digital mode (page 159).

Picture Messaging (page 123) and SMS Text Messaging
(page 153) provide quick and convenient messaging

Voice Command lets you dial phone numbers by speaking
someone’s name or the digits of their phone number
(page 109).

Games, ringers, screen savers, and other applications can
be downloaded to make your phone as unique as you are
(page 168). Additional charges may apply.

The Contacts list allows you to store up to 500 entries,
with up to five phone numbers per entry (page 83).

The built-in Organizer offers a calendar and several other
personal information management features to help you
manage your busy lifestyle (page 91).

Your phone is equipped with a GPS Location feature that
tells emergency services dispatchers where you are. The GPS
feature will also be used in connection with location-based
services that may be available in the future (page 55).

Your phone’s external LCD display allows you to monitor
the phone’s status and see who’s calling without opening
the phone.

T9 Text Input lets you quickly type messages with one key
press per letter (page 37).

Speed dialing lets you dial phone numbers with one or
two key presses (page 35).

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Section 2A: Phone Basics