Nokia 6165i - Turning Your Phone On and Off

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Turning Your Phone On and Off

Turning Your Phone On

To turn your phone on:

Press and hold

for two seconds.

Once your phone is on, it may display “Searching for Service,”
which indicates that your phone is searching for a signal.
When your phone finds a signal, it automatically enters
standby mode—the phone’s idle state. At this point, you are
ready to begin making and receiving calls.

If your phone is unable to find a signal after 15 minutes of
searching, a Power Save feature is automatically activated.
When a signal is found, your phone automatically returns
to standby mode.

In Power Save mode, your phone searches for a signal
periodically without your intervention. You can also initiate a
search for wireless service by pressing any key (when your
phone is turned on).

Turning Your Phone Off

To turn your phone off:

Press and hold

for two seconds until you see the

powering down animation on the display screen.

Your screen remains blank while your phone is off (unless the
battery is charging).


The Power Save feature helps to conserve your battery
power when you are in an area where there is no signal.

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Section 2A: Phone Basics


Phone Basics