Nokia 6165i - Viewing the Display Screen

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Viewing the Display Screen

Your phone’s display screen provides a wealth of information
about your phone’s status and options. The following list
identifies many of the symbols you’ll see on your phone’s
display screen:

indicates Bluetooth wireless technology is active.

indicates an incoming call, call-in-progress, or
missed call.

indicates that calls are not possible.

indicates you have new text messages.

indicates you have new multimedia messages.

indicates you have new voicemail. (Press and hold

to call your voicemail box.)

indicates a car kit is connected to your phone.

indicates your data services connection is active
(data is being transferred).

indicates data services connection is dormant (no
data is being sent or received).

indicates that your phone cannot currently access
data services features.

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Section 2A: Phone Basics

indicates that your phone is roaming.

indicates that global positioning (GPS) is active.

indicates that the GPS feature is inactive.

indicates that your phone’s vibrating alert is on.

indicates your phone is in silent mode.

indicates your phone is operating in TTY mode.

indicates that keyguard is on.

indicates that the alarm is on.

indicates that a hands-free accessory is connected.

indicates that the camera is ready for use.

indicates that the stopwatch is running.

indicates that the countdown timer is active.