Nokia 6165i - Managing Voice Memos

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Managing Voice Memos

You can use your phone’s Voice Services to record brief memos
to remind you of important events, phone numbers, or grocery
list items.

Recording Speech or Sound

To make and play back a recording:


From standby mode, select Menu > Media > Recorder.


Press the center selection key to begin recording.


After the recorder start tone is heard, begin recording
speech or sound.


When you are finished recording, press the center
selection key
to stop recording and your recording is
saved to the Ringers folder.


Select Recordings list, open the Ringers folder, and scroll
to the recording you created.


Select Options > Play last recorded or Send last recorded to
play or send your recording.

Voice Memo Options

After you have saved the recording to the Ringers folder,
highlight the recording, and select Listen to play the recording
using the earpiece, or Options to:

Delete: Erase the recording.

Rename: Change the name of the recording.

Set as tone: Use your recording as a ringtone, message
tone, alarm tone, or contact entry tone.

Details: Check the size and creation date of the recording.

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